How to Clean Water Pipes (Best Method?

Answer This is the best way to continually clean your water pipes and other equipment and save money too!!

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How do I clean hot water pipes?

Commercial CleanersPurchase commercial water pipe cleaners at any hardware store. Apply the cleaner to the main water pipe to flush out water before you consume it or bathe in it. Commercial cleane... Read More »

How do I clean residential water pipes?

Shut off the WaterGo outside, and shut off the main water line to the house. It is usually located in your front yard inside a small hole with a cover. Turn on several faucets in the house to drai... Read More »

How do i clean clogged water pipes?

Remove the TrapPlace a bucket beneath the "S" or "U" pipe section underneath the clogged sink. Turn off the water valve on the wall. Remove the "S" section using an adjustable wrench to unscrew th... Read More »

How to Clean Hard Water out of Pipes?

Hard water is high in minerals that are dissolved into particles invisible to the human eye. As hard water travels through pipes and faucet heads, mineral particles build up to create unsightly dep... Read More »