How to Clean Vinyl Car Trim?

Answer Most cars today use vinyl extensively, from the roof to the interior and everywhere in between. If you don't properly maintain your vinyl, it can dry and crack, which looks unsightly. It's all abou... Read More »

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How do I clean the vinyl trim or the rubber trim on RVs?

General CleaningClean vinyl or rubber on your RV with water and dish detergent. In a bucket, mix water and several squirts of detergent. Using a sponge, wipe the RV clean. For hard-to-reach areas, ... Read More »

How do I restore vinyl car trim?

Gather MaterialsGather implements such as mild degreaser, car wash solution, soft car mitt, soft brush, water, tire dressing and vinyl trim protectant. Wear household gloves and a face mask.Restore... Read More »

How do I paint vinyl trim?

Wash the TrimWash the vinyl trim with dish soap. Scrub the surface with a plastic brush, and rinse it thoroughly with wet rags or a water hose. Allow the trim to dry out completely before continuin... Read More »

Can vinyl window trim be painted?

While vinyl window trim can literally be painted, the chemical process involved in painting with the primer, and then the paint itself, on the window compromises the structural integrity of the vin... Read More »