How to Clean Urine Stains Out of White Grout?

Answer Urine stains and odor can be difficult to remove from grout and tile floors. The uric acid crystals found in urine can be broken up only with an enzyme-based cleaning product. Normal chemical clea... Read More »

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How to Clean Coffee Stains on Grout?

Grout looks nice in a kitchen, but it can be difficult to clean. Dark stains in particular are hard to remove. When coffee stains grout, it will take a vinegar solution and deep scrubbing to get th... Read More »

How to Remove Urine Stains in White Clothing?

When urine ends up on white clothing, it can be difficult to remove. Not only does the yellow stain need to be removed, but so does the odor. Pre-soaking the clothing, as well as machine washing it... Read More »

How to Clean Ceramic Tile Grout Stains?

Grout is an important part of installing ceramic tiles; not only does it help to bond the tiles, but it also keeps moisture and dirt from getting behind the tiles. Ceramic tile grout can become dir... Read More »

How to Clean Dog Urine Stains?

Even the most housebroken dog will have an accident and when it does your best defense against stains and odor setting in is to clean up the urine as soon as it happens. It is especially important ... Read More »