How to Clean Upholstery?

Answer Quality furniture is a major investment. Before throwing out the old and buying something new; take time to find out if the item can be cleaned and restored with these quick questions.

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How to Clean Car Upholstery?

Keeping your car's interior clean is just as important as keeping your car's exterior well-maintained. You inhabit the inside of your vehicle whenever you drive, and it's good for both your health ... Read More »

How to Clean the Upholstery in a Smoker's Car?

Cigarette and cigar smoke not only smell on your clothes, body and hair, but they can get trapped in your car's upholstery, as well. While car air fresheners add a nice scent, they only mask the sm... Read More »

How do i clean up spills on car upholstery?

DrinksFlush spills such as coffee or soda with cold water. Do not use hot water because hot water will seal the stain into the upholstery. Use a clean rag to get the area wet. Leave the water on th... Read More »

How do I clean Baldwin upholstery?

Wet MethodVacuum Baldwin microfiber upholstery with a soft brush attachment. Mix 4 drops of liquid detergent with 4 tbsp. of cold water. Mix more detergent and water if you are cleaning a large are... Read More »