How to Clean Up a Microsoft Computer System for Faster Performance?

Answer If your Microsoft operating system is running sluggishly, you can easily clean it up to make it run faster. After constant use, it is normal for computer performance to become slower. Windows syste... Read More »

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How to make Sony Vegas run faster (computer performance)?

Put in new Ram. It cost about 50 bucks for really good ram and is easy to instal

How do I clean up& make a computer run faster?

Click "Start," and select "All Programs." Navigate to "Accessories," then "System Tools," and select "Disk Cleanup." Select the "C:" drive in the Select Drive window, and wait for Windows to calcul... Read More »

What computer system was used before Microsoft was invented?

CP/M (Control Program for Microcomputers) was developed by Gary Kildall while working for Intel in 1974. It became the most popular operating system for personal computers by 1977. Microsoft used t... Read More »

How do I Clean Up My Computer by De-fragmenting it to Make it Run Faster?

Disk Defragmenter is a system tool that comes with all Windows operating systems. Files can become fragmented over time as you save, change and delete them. The Disk Defragmenter consolidates all t... Read More »