How to Clean Up Oil Spills on Land?

Answer Oil can spill on land when adding oil to outdoor lawn equipment or changing oil in a car. Oil is poisonous to animals, people and plants, so it is important to clean up any oil that has been spille... Read More »

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How do I clean up spills?

Dry SpillsSweep up the dry spill into a pile with a broom when on a hard surface like tile or hardwood. Sweep the pile into a dust pan, and throw the mess away. If the dry spill occurs on carpeting... Read More »

How do I clean oil spills on a gas stove?

Blot the OilTurn off the gas stove immediately. Extinguish the pilot lights to the burners by turning the knobs counterclockwise. Blot the gas stove surface with paper towels or recycled newspaper.... Read More »

How to Use Bacteria to Clean up Oil Spills?

Oil spills are an environmental catastrophe causing untold damage to a vast array of wildlife, such as birds, whales, otters, seals and eagles. Unfortunately, the effects of oil spills can last for... Read More »

How to Clean Up Spills on Car Upholstery?

Its easy to spill food and drinks while the car is moving. One problem with cleaning up spills is knowing which stain remover to use. Many detergents and stain removers can bleach out the carpet in... Read More »