How to Clean Up Blood in a Vehicle?

Answer So you've got blood in your car, eh? I'm not going to ask. Things happen. Maybe you're trying to pull off a Pulp Fiction tribute. Maybe your wife went into labor. Maybe you drove to the top of Mt. ... Read More »

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How to Clean a Black Vehicle?

Upkeep on the original finish of a black car may seem like an uphill battle. After all, black paint doesn't hide anything: fingerprints, dirt, swirl marks and scratches included. Washing, polishing... Read More »

How to Clean a Leather Vehicle Interior?

A leather interior gives a luxurious look and feel to any vehicle. It feels great to the skin and looks great, too. There is a downside, however. Leather can very easily be stained by dirt and oil ... Read More »

How to Clean a Vinyl Vehicle Interior?

Vinyl interior makes a car seem vintage. Vinyl is durable and can be easily maintained with the right cleaning products. Most people think they can use anything to clean vinyl, but regular soap or... Read More »

How to Clean the Speed Sensor on a Vehicle?

Speed sensors are part of a vehicle's anti-lock braking system (ABS). The speed sensors are designed to convey data regarding the speed of the vehicle to the in-car ABS computer system. The sensors... Read More »