How to Clean Type R Seats?

Answer When Honda first introduced the Type-R to the American market in the '90s, they sold out pretty quickly. Since then, other models of Type-R have been introduced, and people even buy Type-R accessor... Read More »

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How to Clean Pet Fur From Your Car Seats?

Pet fur quickly ends up on your car seats any time you have your pet in your car. It does not matter what type of pet you have either. If your pet has fur, it will end up all over your seats. Pet h... Read More »

How to Clean Car Seats?

When you set out to clean your car, you want to do the best job possible to help retain as much of the car's resale value as you can. There is a difference between really cleaning your car seats an... Read More »

How to Clean Leather Seats in a Car?

A number of car manufacturers install leather seating in their high end, luxury vehicles or offer this feature as a pricey upgrade. As a natural, porous material, leather absorbs dirt, grime and od... Read More »

How to Clean Jeep Seats?

The seats in a Jeep need to be cleaned every couple of months to prevent build-up of dirt and odor. Depending on your Jeep model and its features, you may have cloth or leather seats. Both types of... Read More »