How to Clean Tires With Armor All Car Wash With Wax?

Answer Armor All Car Wash With Wax is primarily intended for cleaning the body of a car. It can still be used to clean the tires of a car, as well. The process for using it on tires is similar to using it... Read More »

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How to Clean Car Tires With Cooking Spray?

Some people love to wash their cars, but some folks hate to be bothered with it at all. Tires are one of the more annoying parts of the car to scrub. Sometimes it seems like they just never look cl... Read More »

How to Clean a Salt System Pool With an Acid Wash?

Saltwater systems create chlorine for your pool out of salt. The salt passes through an electrolytic cell that breaks down the water and salt into basic elements, which form hypochlorous acid, also... Read More »

Can you/do you wash at home clothes with labels saying "Dry Clean Only"?

It depends on the clothes. Tailored clothes with linings and stuff would probably be ruined, wool is notorious for shrinking, and any "glamour" fabrics would be ruined. Some things I see at thrift ... Read More »

Can you replace truck tires with load-rated tires?

The U.S. Department of Transportation requires that all car and truck tires sold have a load rating. Replacement tires on a truck should have a load rating equal to or greater than the original equ... Read More »