How to Clean Tile for Reuse?

Answer You can reuse tiles that have been water damaged from flooding. Removing stains and restoring tiles to their original appearance is a project that can save homeowners money on replacing tile. Howev... Read More »

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Can you reuse stone tile and ceramic tile?

Both stone and ceramic tiles are commonly reclaimed and reused. They can be purchased from companies that specialize in used building materials or salvaged on your own. In addition, tiles made from... Read More »

How to Remove and Reuse Ceramic Tile?

Removing ceramic tiles to reuse them requires time and patience. No special tools will guarantee that you can remove the tiles without breaking them. You must always plan the job as if you will nee... Read More »

How do I remove adhesive for reuse on porcelain tile?

Reuseable Adhesive PuttyTwist or pull the object held with the reusable adhesive putty loose, and peel off the reusable adhesive putty using your figures. The reusable adhesive putty may adhere to ... Read More »

How to Clean Water Filters & Reuse Them?

Most water filter users know to replace the system's cartridge on a regular basis, whether it is a whole-house water filtration system or the water filter for a swimming pool. The cartridges collec... Read More »