How to Clean Stairways With Coarse Carpeting?

Answer Have you ever tried to really clean coarse carpeting? How about a stairway with coarse carpeting? It can be difficult to really get it clean. This is a guide to doing just that.

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How to Clean Carpeting in Vehicles?

Any vehicle's carpeting can get filthy very quickly. Dirt and mud are the most common culprits. Mud and grease are the most difficult stains to remove. Shampooing your vehicle carpet will help remo... Read More »

How to Clean Cat Vomit Out of Carpeting?

Dealing with cat vomit may not only upset your stomach, but it also may set off worries about how you are going to remove the stain. Cats throw up for a variety of reasons, such as hairballs, eatin... Read More »

Is it ok to keep a pet rabbit on carpeting if the carpeting is kind of long and stringy?

no, because the rabbit will nibble at it then it will get poorly and may die

What tools are needed to remove carpeting What's the best tool to cut carpeting to make removal easier?

ANSWER: Its called a carpet knife. Or a single edged razor that has a retractable blade. Ask your local hardware supplier for one and for some replacement blades. Its less than 3 bucks.