How to Clean Soap Scum Off Shower Walls?

Answer Soap leaves behind a white, filmy scum on shower surfaces. This scum doesn't wipe off easily, as it consists of a mixture of both soap and hard water deposits that bond to shower walls and doors. S... Read More »

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How do I clean soap scum off shower walls?

Cleaning SolutionMake a cleaning solution that helps cut soap scum. You can squirt dishwasher detergent into a bucket of water, mix equal parts of vinegar and water in a spray bottle or mix an abra... Read More »

How do I clean soap scum off of a shower door?

Open a window in the bathroom or turn on the ventilation fan. Put on rubber gloves. Add 1/2 cup of ammonia to 1 gallon of warm water. Dip a sponge into the ammonia cleaner and wipe over the shower ... Read More »

How do I clean soap scum from shower doors?

Soak a sponge or wash cloth in full-strength distilled white vinegar. Wipe the shower doors with the sponge, scrubbing hard in areas with tough soap scum. Allow the vinegar to dissolve the soap scu... Read More »

How to Clean Soap Scum from Glass Shower Doors?

This is an easy way to get that nasty soap scum from your shower doors.