How to Clean Smelly Cast Iron Skillets?

Answer Cast iron skillets, like other cookware, are not immune to absorbing smells from oils, sauces and foods you cook in them. This leads to the skillets having a foul smell that is difficult to remove.... Read More »

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How do I clean and cure Griswold collector cast iron skillets?

CuringPreheat the oven to 300 degrees F. Set the Griswold pan on a stove burner over high heat. Once warm to the touch, coat the inside with vegetable oil. Use a wadded up paper towel to spread the... Read More »

How big are cast iron skillets?

Cast iron skillets come in a variety of sizes, usually measured by diameter. Twelve inches is popular, but skillets also are commonly available in 8-, 9-, 10- and 15-inch diameters. Skillets are al... Read More »

Do cast iron skillets fortify food?

Foods cooked in cast iron pots, pans and skillets have higher iron content, according to registered dietitian Joanne Larsen, M.S., R.D. However, the body does not easily absorb this form of iron. L... Read More »

Who made Wardway cast iron skillets?

Wardway cast iron skillets were manufactured by Wagner for the Montgomery Ward, Co. Wagner also produced a series of cast iron hand griddles under the Wardway brand for Montgomery Ward.Source:Grisw... Read More »