How to Clean Skateboard Wheels?

Answer Like other areas on your skateboard, the wheels are susceptible to dust, dirt and grime buildup. As you roll over concrete, grass and dirt surfaces debris splashes onto the wheels and collects into... Read More »

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How to Get the Bearings out of Skateboard Wheels?

For those skaters who don't want to deal with prying their dirty/broken bearings out of their skateboard wheels with a screwdriver, there is an alternative method that works much better.

How to Make Polyurethane Skateboard Wheels?

Skateboard wheels are typically mass-produced in an industrial setting. They are made of polyurethane, a versatile and durable synthetic material. According to, Frank Nasworthy invented... Read More »

How do I remove skateboard bearings from wheels?

Unscrew the nut holding down the wheel counter-clockwise using a socket wrench or adjustable wrench. Remove the wheel from the trucks.Insert a screwdriver through the bearing's hole at an angle and... Read More »

Who invented the urethane skateboard wheels?

The creation of urethane skateboard wheels in 1972 is credited to Frank Nasworthy. Nasworthy's company, Cadillac Wheels, designed these wheels, also named Cadillacs, which are similar to what most ... Read More »