How to Clean Silk Pillows?

Answer Silk is a luxurious fabric that has been popular in China since the 27th century B.C., when it was worn only by the emperor and his family. It is one of the oldest textiles available, and it is syn... Read More »

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How do I clean pillows?

Examine the PillowsExamine the pillows for any rips or tears in the seams along the edges, especially in the stitching. Sew or repair any openings before washing.Wash the PillowsReview the washing... Read More »

How do I clean bed pillows?

Determine the MaterialsRead the labels on the pillow, if available. Determine what materials make up both the interior and exterior of the pillow, and whether or not it is machine-safe.WashPlace tw... Read More »

How to Clean Couch Pillows?

Couch pillows, especially ones used everyday, attract dirt, bacteria, dust, mold and mites. Even decorative throw pillows are susceptible; so they need to be cleaned on a regular basis, too. Couch ... Read More »

How do I clean sofa pillows?

Pound Pillows to Remove DustTake the sofa pillows outside, and pound them with your hand to loosen and disperse dust trapped in the fabric's fibers.Wash the PillowsReview the care label on the sofa... Read More »