How to Clean Silicone Cookware?

Answer Full of attractive qualities, flexible, non-stick silicone cookware, such as cooking utensils, baking pans and molds, is a favorite of countless cooks. Not only can it withstand extreme temperature... Read More »

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Should I Use Oil With Silicone Cookware?

Once the novelty surrounding getting a tattoo wears off, some people find that they want the tattoo removed. The person who wants to assist these people must become a dermatologic surgeon skilled a... Read More »

How to Clean Silicone Grease?

Commonly used in automotive and bicycle applications, silicone grease is a highly resilient and long lasting lubricant. The staying power can make silicone grease difficult to clean. Effectively re... Read More »

How to Clean Silicone From Cast Resin?

Resin is often cast in flexible molds made from silicone rubber. The flexibility of the molds makes them easier to remove than stiff plastic molds once the castings have cured. There can, however, ... Read More »

What can I use to clean the outside of my anodized cookware?

Soap and water will clean the exterior of anodized cookware. The Pampered Chef recommends soaking the cookware in hot, soapy water to loosen stuck-on material and cleaning both the interior and ext... Read More »