How to Clean Sheets?

Answer Cleaning sheets should be done separately from other clothes in order to avoid attracting fluff, snags, etc. and to provide ample room for sheets to be properly cleaned. Everyone knows how it feels... Read More »

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How do I get bed sheets clean?

Preparing SheetsSeparate white sheets from colored sheets. Place whites in one pile and colored sheets in another. Spray a stain remover on any stains or discolorations.Setting Washer CyclesSet you... Read More »

How Do I Clean Bed Sheets?

SortSort your bed sheets by color if you have more than one set to wash. Also sort your bed sheets by how dirty they are. If you have bed sheets that are very dirty, wash them alone. Consider throw... Read More »

How do I clean satin sheets?

Read the tag on your sheets.The tag is usually found on the hem and will tell you what the sheets are made of. If they are made of polyester or nylon, you can put them in the washing machine and dr... Read More »

Getting the sheets clean?

Are they flannel or cotton/poly?On flannel, presoak the sweet memories in warm but not hot water and diluted liquid soap for approx 15 minutes, and be sure in that time to apologize to the baby Jes... Read More »