How to Clean Scentsy Spills on Hardwood?

Answer Scentsy is a brand name for a company that manufactures small wax bricks that melt in warmers to scent your home. The warmers are designed to help prevent spills but sometimes accidents happen. If ... Read More »

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Where can I find wax tarts to melt in my Scentsy warmer besides Scentsy products?

Your big box stores such as Wal Mart, K Mart and Tarkett sell them also. Wal Mart sells ( or did last I bought some) both Good House Keeping and Paula Dean scented wax. Lot cheaper than Scentsy... Read More »

How do you remove small paint spills or splatter from hardwood floors?

I found this link to be very helpful:

How do I clean up spills?

Dry SpillsSweep up the dry spill into a pile with a broom when on a hard surface like tile or hardwood. Sweep the pile into a dust pan, and throw the mess away. If the dry spill occurs on carpeting... Read More »

How to Clean up Oil Spills in a Garage?

Your garage could be the pride and joy of your home, spotless and clear from any stain; that is, until someone comes along with a bad car and leaks oil all over the floor - which becomes little mor... Read More »