How to Clean Sapphires?

Answer Sapphires are gems formed from a type of aluminium oxide known as corundum. They are extremely durable and hard-wearing. Cleaning sapphires is straightforward.

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How to Buy Sapphires?

Sapphires range in color from the deepest darkest blue to light pale blue to even yellows and pinks. Sapphire, like its sister stone the ruby, is the second hardest mineral on earth after the diamo... Read More »

How to Tumble Sapphires?

In order to develop smoothly polished sapphires, you'll need to place your rock tumbler in an area where it won't be agitated. Since tumbling any type of rocks can take a few weeks to tumble, you m... Read More »

Can sapphires be repaired?

Jewelers can repair a scratched or chipped sapphire, but not without making changes to the stone. Sapphires are crystals, and cutting down or polishing the stone is the only way to remove the damag... Read More »

How to Buy Star Sapphires?

You've heard the term, but do you know what separates a regular sapphire from a star sapphire? A stonecutter. The process starts when sapphires are mined, cut, polished and readied for sale. From e... Read More »