How to Clean Rusted Cast Iron With Electrolysis?

Answer While cleaning rusted cast iron and steel with electrolysis sounds like an expensive and complicated process, it is easily done at home and for little money. Remove rusted parts of any size using t... Read More »

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How to Clean a Rusted Cast Iron Skillet?

Pot, pans and skillets are made from a variety of materials. Cast iron is one of the more expensive forms of cookware. It cooks food more evenly than aluminum or stainless steel. But because it is ... Read More »

How to Repair Rusted Cast Iron Drain Pipes?

Cast iron is a strong, durable material used in many applications such as old bathtubs and drain pipes. Over time however, exposure to moisture as well as creeping weather elements can cause cast-i... Read More »

How can a cast iron cleanout with rusted stripped threads be capped?

Answer Mix up a glob of JB Weld and then screw the cap in. Once that sets, it is never coming out. The other answer would be to get a rubber connector boot bigger than the pip and connect a new p... Read More »

How to Clean Cast Iron?

Cleaning a cast iron is the same as any other cookware-you wash it or risk food poisoning.