How to Clean Rubies?

Answer Rubies are just wonderful. Keep them shining with a simple clean when needed.

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Where are rubies from?

In the United States, deposits of rubies are in Alabama, California, Georgia, Indiana, Montana, New Jersey, North Carolina, Utah, Washington state and Wyoming. Outside of the United States, ruby mi... Read More »

How old are rubies?

Since rubies predate written history, it is thought that the first rubies were discovered in Burma. Ancient tools used for mining rubies have been found near the country, suggesting that rubies pre... Read More »

How are rubies used?

Ruby is the red variety of the mineral corundum. The element chromium causes this gemstone's characteristic red color. Named for ruber, the Latin word for red, rubies have a hardness of 9 on the Mo... Read More »

What are Burmese rubies?

Exports from Burma (also known as Myanmar) once accounted for most of the world's supply of rubies. In 2006-07, Myanmar Gem Enterprises reported sales of $300 million, but that figure likely repres... Read More »