How to Clean Rubies?

Answer Rubies are just wonderful. Keep them shining with a simple clean when needed.

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How old are rubies?

Since rubies predate written history, it is thought that the first rubies were discovered in Burma. Ancient tools used for mining rubies have been found near the country, suggesting that rubies pre... Read More »

How Are Rubies Found?

Rubies are valuable red gemstones used for making jewelry. The stones are formed underground with igneous rocks. Different qualities of rubies exist and are found in countries throughout the world.... Read More »

Are rubies minerals?

The ruby is a variety of corundum, a mineral that is second only to the diamond in hardness. Although pure corundum has no color, the red of a ruby is due to traces of elements that can include tit... Read More »

How to Shop for Rubies?

Make sure that you learn as much as you can about Rubies, prior to buying a ring or a setting that you are going to add Rubies to. Like Diamonds, Rubies can be flawed, and imperfect.