How to Clean Road Oil Off a Car?

Answer Driving through country roads in the summer or driving through freshly-completed construction can leave road oil on your car. If left on the paint for too long, the oil can dry and cause paint to p... Read More »

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How do i clean a road sign?

Cleaning painted metalFirst, make sure the sign is as clean of debris as you can get it. Warm water and a paper towel or a dish sponge will work for this. Get a small bucket or bowl. Add two parts ... Read More »

How to Clean Road Film on a Windshield?

Knowing how to clean the road film from your car's windshield is very important, for both appearance and safety. Not only is road film not attractive, it also can obscure your vision when you are d... Read More »

How to Clean a 2001 Road King Air Filter?

Harley-Davidson uses a paper and wire mesh air cleaner element on the 2001 Road King. The wire mesh supports the paper element to prevent it from collapsing under the vacuum produced by the engine ... Read More »

How to Clean Road Salt off Leather Shoes?

Sometimes, especially during the winter, salt from the road soaks into shoe leather, leaving large white stains. This article will tell you how to remove these stains your leather footwear.