How to Clean & Remove Crayon From a Car Seat?

Answer Crayon stains are quite common in households with small children. Since crayons are composed mostly of wax, the stains can be a real challenge to remove. This is especially true if the crayon stain... Read More »

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How can I get melted crayon out of an automobile seat?

I'd avoid chemicals as to avoid ruining the seat even more. But it's just wax, perhaps it will peel off. Maybe apply a little heat with a hair dryer and try peeling it off.

How to Remove a Bemis Toilet Seat to Clean It?

Toilets attract not only dirt and grime, but also dust, even if the toilet is not used on a regular basis. Keeping your toilet, its Bemis-brand seat and the area under the toilet seat clean is a ch... Read More »

How to Clean Crayon out of a Dryer?

Did you recently open your dryer and find colored stains all over your clothes? If a crayon has melted inside of the dryer, the color will continue to run for some time unless you get it out prompt... Read More »

How do I clean crayon off of a chalkboard?

Use Baking SodaMix 1 tbsp. of baking soda with water until it forms a fine paste. Apply the paste to the crayon marks on the chalkboard with a damp washcloth. Rub the crayon marks with the washclot... Read More »