How to Clean Red Emulsion Sheet After Burning?

Answer Photo emulsion sheets, sometimes known as "red emulsions" because of their color, are 11-by-14-inch sheets used to transfer designs in silk screen printing. Emulsion sheets are, by their nature, li... Read More »

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Are the stains on my sheet after washing and bleaching still actual mold, or just stains Is the sheet clean?

If it is mold, is can be completely dead and still leave a stain. Somehow humid Seattle, floor and foam doesn't seem like a great combo. Can you make a platform to hold the mattress up a few inch... Read More »

How to Get & Clean Up Your State Rap Sheet?

You may have learned from your mistakes, and it may be technically illegal for employers to refuse you a job because of them, but in reality, a rap sheet can create huge obstacles. State laws about... Read More »

How to Clean Up an Old Wood-Burning Cookstove?

Wood-burning cooking stoves were a common appliance in many American homes during the early 20th century. Today, wood-burning stoves provide an inexpensive form of heat that supplements or even rep... Read More »

How do I clean wood burning stoves?

Remove AshesRemove ashes from the stove, and place them in a metal container with a lid. Keep the container on a floor that is noncombustible and located away from all flammable materials and objec... Read More »