How to Clean Quickly?

Answer Have you ever needed to clean your room, but don't want to spend all day cleaning? Well, here is how you can clean your room without trouble.

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I need to clean all the mary jane out of myself quickly. I only have until next week to get clean...?

Sorry, kid. You're out of luck.And just so you know, the water drinking "trick" does not work. Specific gravity of the urine is one of the first tests run. Using a friend's urine won't work, either... Read More »

How to Clean Dishes Quickly?

Sink full with dirty dishes? Have only 15 minutes on your hands? Then this is the wikiHow for you.

How to Clean a Hairbrush Quickly?

Is your hairbrush matted with hair? Can you not brush your hair because your hairbrush is full? If that has happened, it's time to clean your hairbrush. This will get a ton of hairs out of it.

Way to clean room quickly?

I know how you feel... Just one saturday do the following: The best way is probably to first of all make your bed if it isnt. It actually makes a huge difference. Then it helps if you start making ... Read More »