How to Clean Plastic Head Lights?

Answer Plastic head lights get dirt and bugs on them. This comes off easily with a vehicle washing. Worse yet, they can get a cloudy film over them from oxidation. Plastic head lights can also turn a yell... Read More »

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How to Clean Car Head Lights?

Headlights are an important part of any vehicle because they light up the road during night driving, inform other drivers where the vehicle is located when it is dark and provide light during foul ... Read More »

How to Clean Fogged Head Lights?

If your headlights are yellowed and foggy, you don't have to spend a lot of money on replacements. Polycarbonate headlights expand in heat, which allows road debris to embed itself in the plastic, ... Read More »

How to Make Holiday Lights With Plastic Cups & Lights?

Whether it's a spooky Halloween luminary or a festive trail of white candles leading to your door for Christmas, there is something about holiday lights that brings a smile to one's face. While sta... Read More »

Can you convert a 1982 El Camino front end with two head lights into a 1981 frontend with only one head light without too much wiring difficulty?