How to Clean Piano Keys?

Answer When you think of a nice piano you think of maybe a tall upright black sleek piano or a nice monstrous grand, but at the heart of that piano you see the keys. Nice sleek ivory piano keys next to th... Read More »

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How to Clean Between Piano Keys?

Dirt and oils from your hands, as well as dust in the air, can cling to piano keys and get between them. Over time, the buildup can discolor and interfere with the movements of the keys. Keeping th... Read More »

How can i clean my yellow plastic piano keys?

Once the UV has done its damage to the colour of plastic there is little that can be done other than to replace it. If however, they yellowed because of dirt and grease then you can use a cleaner/d... Read More »

How to Change Musical Keys on a Piano?

When playing the piano, and learning how to compose music, it is important to learn how to transpose any song from one musical key to the other. This is especially important when playing with a ban... Read More »

How many keys are on a grand piano?

Most baby grand pianos have 88 keys, the same as a standard piano. Some concert grand pianos are custom made with nine extra keys, for a total of 97. There are usually 230 strings inside a grand pi... Read More »