How to Clean Pet Cages?

Answer Cleaning your pet's cage is important for the health and comfort of the pet and it also will minimize the chance of you or other family members becoming infected by contact with pet waste or pest i... Read More »

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How do I clean pet cages?

Remove Excess BuildupSweep and scrape out excess waste, food and litter that is on the bottom of the cage; disassembly is sometimes required. Remove any toys trays, and dishes from the cage.WashCom... Read More »

How do I clean pool cages?

Treat Green Algae and MoldRemove all furniture and plants from the area under the screen enclosure. Mix bleach and water in a hand-pressurized garden sprayer. Pump the handle of the sprayer to pres... Read More »

Can I clean guinea pig cages with vinegar& water?

Not only can you use vinegar and water to clean a guinea pig's cage, it's recommended. Vinegar is a safe, neutralizing cleaner that helps get rid of urine buildup and other deposits.References:Guin... Read More »

Building Rat Cages?

Store-bought rat cages are often much too small to happily accommodate a pet rodent. They can also be very difficult to clean, an important point to consider if multiple rats are kept together. Bui... Read More »