How to Clean Pencil Marks From Fabric?

Answer Accidentally dropping a pencil on fabric can leave it with an annoying stain. However, don't throw the material away or deem it to be used only for dirty tasks as removing the mark is easy to do. T... Read More »

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How do u clean pencil marks off?

SalamSpray windex on the rag and wipe it off clean inshAllahif they are deep then you have no choice but to leave them and or get a new monitor.Pencil marks should come off easy with even vingar an... Read More »

How do I clean pencil marks from porcelain tile?

Rub over the pencil mark with a pencil eraser to remove light, mild pencil marks. Scrub the tile gently with a piece of fine-grain steel wool. Continue until all pencil residue is gone. Moisten a c... Read More »

How to Clean Iron Marks off Fabric?

If you have a tough rust stain or iron marks here's the way to clean them.

How to Get Pencil Marks Out of Satin?

Pencil stains are not always as benign as they seem. Graphite is a soft and oily substance, similar to makeup, that becomes deeply embedded very quickly. Stained items should be washed immediately ... Read More »