How to Clean Pearls?

Answer Since ancient times, pearls have been considered a symbol of unblemished perfection. To keep your pearls looking as perfect as the day you got them, here are some tips on how to properly care for y... Read More »

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How do you clean a string of pearls?

Please, DO NOT use efferedent, toothpaste, Clorox wipes or anything like that. They will destroy your pearls. Why do people give such false advice. Please don't answer questions you honestly do ... Read More »

How to Clean Sterling Jewelry With Pearls?

Sterling silver is a silver alloy that contains 92.5 percent of its weight in silver and 7.5 percent of its weight in other types of metal. Often used in jewelry, sterling silver is a soft metal th... Read More »

Are fresh water pearls less money than cultured pearls?

Cultured pearls are generally less expensive than most naturally occurring pearls, even though cultured pearls are often more uniformly shaped and more lustrous. Pearls can be cultured in both fres... Read More »

How to Buy Pearls?

so many different PearlsWhen you want to buy Pearls, you will find many different sizes, quality and colors. There are many things to take into consideration, aside from the price, so do not rush i... Read More »