How to Clean & Paint an Engine?

Answer The engine is the most vital working part in your vehicle, but most engines don't get much attention unless something goes wrong. Engines may look dirty, grimy or plain, but that doesn't have to be... Read More »

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How to Clean Dried on Acrylic Paint From Paint Brushes With Homemade Supplies?

Acrylic paint is water-based, and it washes away from a paint brush easily with soap and water -- if it's cleaned before the paint has a chance to completely dry. If the acrylic paint dries complet... Read More »

How to Clean Oil Paint off a Paint Brush With Dish Soap?

The common and effective method to clean paint brushes that has been used for oil painting is to wash them in turpentine. Sometimes, however, you may find yourself inspired to paint and then find, ... Read More »

How to Keep Paint Brushes and Paint Rollers Clean?

If you are a "DIY",you will experience the time consuming chore of having to clean paint rollers and paint brushes,There are a number of ways to tackle this unpleasant task.

How to Clean Paint or Splatters from Car Paint?

You car is vulnerable to accidents and mishaps when it is parked outdoors. Paint can find it way to your car by a variety of ways. Someone can be painting by your vehicle and not realize he is stai... Read More »