How to Clean Out Varnish in a Gas Tank?

Answer If you don't drive a vehicle and you let gas sit in a tank for awhile, it will become old. Old gas looks dark and smells sour. After a couple months or so, the gas will evaporate and leave a varnis... Read More »

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How to Remove Cycle Tank Gas Varnish?

When gas sits unused in a fuel tank for a long period, it forms a varnish that can clog fuel systems. Your motorcycle may run rough or not start at all. It's relatively easy to fix, however.

How to Dissolve Varnish From a Fuel Tank?

Varnish inside of a gas tank, whether automobile or any other vehicle, generally results from poor quality gas, old gas that has sat in the tank for weeks or months, or chemical contamination. Exce... Read More »

How do I clean varnish spilt on ceramic tile?

Scrape It UpMop up as much of the spill as possible while the varnish is still wet. Use a blunt knife on a horizontal angle to scrape the varnish off the tile. Use gentle pressure so you don't chip... Read More »

How to Clean Window Glass of Caulking, Paint & Varnish?

When paint overlaps onto window glass, a simple razor blade is enough to scrape the surface clean. However, some materials contain powerful adhesives and require specific techniques to loosen them ... Read More »