How to Clean Mold on a Wall?

Answer Mold grows on and stains walls when there is a leak, too-high humidity or another problem that keeps the area wet long enough to allow mold spores to grow. It's important to make sure that you solv... Read More »

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How do I get rid of black mold in a wall?

Getting Rid of Mold in a WallWear a safety mask when working with mold as mold can damage your respiratory system. For mold that is in a wall the quick way to clean it off is to spray it with bleac... Read More »

How do I treat mold in a basement wall?

Prepare the AreaLocate and repair the source of the mold-causing moisture problem to prevent future mold growth. Clear the area of all furniture and, if possible, move the carpet surrounding the wa... Read More »

How do I treat mold on the wall in the basement?

Hydrogen PeroxidePut on a face mask and gloves before attempting to treat mold. Mix equal parts hydrogen peroxide and hot water in a spray bottle. Spray your affected basement walls with the hydrog... Read More »

How do I Remove Mold From a Wall Above the Shower?

Water splashes onto the wall that is above a shower each time that you use the shower. If you do not dry the water off the walls, mold could appear. Mold that is not treated can permanently stain ... Read More »