How to Clean Mold & Tree Sap From Car?

Answer Maintaining a clean vehicle can be made more difficult when you live in an area with lots of trees or moisture. Tree sap can easily adhere to the exterior of a car, creating a sticky trap for dust ... Read More »

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Black Mold and Tree Oil?

Thriving in dark, damp and humid environments, black mold is dangerous to your health and can damage your home. Black mold contains mycotoxins, which it releases into the air via spores. These spor... Read More »

Does tree bark paneling mold?

Tree bark wood paneling can become moldy, especially if the environment has a high level of humidity. Mold can grow on any organic material in the right environmental conditions. Moisture of any le... Read More »

Tree Diseases: Gray Mold?

Gray mold is a fungal disease that can affect any kind of tree. It causes decay and death in the leaves, flowers, fruits and seedlings of plants. This disease has a number of noticeable symptoms. ... Read More »

Is White Mold Dangerous to Tree Frogs?

White mold is not dangerous to tree frogs, whether domestic and living in a tank or in their natural habitat. Tree frogs are found in moist, high humidity forests, where mold naturally grows. White... Read More »