How to Clean Mold & Tree Sap From Car?

Answer Maintaining a clean vehicle can be made more difficult when you live in an area with lots of trees or moisture. Tree sap can easily adhere to the exterior of a car, creating a sticky trap for dust ... Read More »

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How do I clean mold from a dishwasher?

Scrub the CrevicesMix a solution of 1 tbsp. liquid dish-washing soap and 1 gallon of warm tap water. Dip a toothbrush into the solution. Scrub the inside edges and walls of the dishwasher with the ... Read More »

How do I clean mold from marble?

Use a Mold RemoverSpray a mold remover designed for use on natural stone onto the mold on the marble.Remove the MoldPut on rubber gloves and a dust mask. Wipe the mold from the marble using a damp ... Read More »

How do I clean mold from shower?

ScrubSoak a scrubber in white vinegar and scrub around the shower area to remove and kill the mold. Rinse with clean water. The smell will disappear upon drying.SoakClean persistent mold by laying ... Read More »

How to Clean Mold from Leather?

Sometimes leather needs beautifying, conditioning and inhibiting of mold spores and smells. Try these steps.