How to Clean Mildew From Natural Tile?

Answer Natural stone tile, such as granite, slate or marble adds classic beauty to your home and will last for years when cared for properly. If your natural tile surface is in the bathroom or another loc... Read More »

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How do I remove mildew from shower tile in the bath tub?

Preparing the CleanerFill a spray bottle with full-strength white vinegar. The vinegar is a natural alternative to chemically-based cleaning products, and works effectively in removing mildew. The ... Read More »

How do I clean vinyl tile with a natural shine?

Wash the FloorRemove loose, light buildup by sweeping or vacuuming the vinyl floors regularly. Clean your floors with a solution of 1 gallon warm water and 1 tbsp. dish detergent every week. Every ... Read More »

How do I clean mildew from plastic?

PreparationLay the mildewed item on an old towel outdoors, in full sunlight. Fill a spray bottle with full-strength distilled white vinegar. Spray the vinegar on the plastic and allow it to sit for... Read More »

How to Clean Mildew from a Couch?

When your couch is exposed to warmth and moisture for a prolonged period of time mildew can grow and spread on the couch's material. Whether your couch has been stored in a damp, warm location or y... Read More »