How to Clean Mice Urine?

Answer Mouse urine is unsanitary and unsafe, because it can contain hantaviruses. Hantaviruses are directly responsible for Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, a serious disease that kills one in three people ... Read More »

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How to Clean Cat Urine?

Anyone who owns a cat knows how foul the odor of cat urine is, no matter what surfaces turn up being targets. The strong, pungent smell can radiate throughout a home, and if not cleaned up properly... Read More »

How to Clean the Dog Urine in a New Car?

Many experiences come with dog ownership, and one of the most common and inevitable is a dog urinating where it should not. It does not matter how well trained or well behaved the dog is; accidents... Read More »

How to Clean Old Cat Urine?

Cat urine stains are unsightly, and often leave behind a lingering odor that is difficult to remove with conventional cleaners. The best way to remove cat urine is to clean it up immediately after ... Read More »

How to Clean Rabbit Urine?

Pet rabbits can be messy. They can't be trained to use a litter box like cats, or go outside like dogs. When your pet rabbits have accidents on their bedding or in their cages, the mess must be cle... Read More »