How to Clean Melted Candle from Fabric Using Paper and Heat?

Answer Here is a simple method for removing melted candle from fabric, using and iron and basic brown paper.

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How do I remove melted candle wax from fabric?

Lay the fabric with the melted wax stain out on a flat surface. Place a paper towel on top of the area that has the wax melted in. Heat a regular clothes iron up to normal temperature.Carefully run... Read More »

How do I remove melted crayon from fabric?

Place your fabric with the crayon marks face down on several layers of paper towels. Spray the fabric with WD-40, and allow the cleaner to absorb for several minutes. Turn over your fabric, and spr... Read More »

Help!! Melted my microwave cover. how do u clean up melted plastic?

As suggested by Miss Wong in this section. If this does not work (you don't say which part of the stove exactly), then you may need to reheat the stove and keep trying to get the plastic off as it... Read More »

How to Make Paper Dolls Using Fabric?

Paper dolls are a favorite pastime for little children and adults alike. Make your own special dolls using fabric instead of paper because fabric is more durable and will last longer. Flannel and f... Read More »