How to Clean Make Up Brushes?

Answer Makeup brushes are an item women often take for granted. We treat them casually, use them until they fall apart and often forget that they need cleaning and maintenance. Unless the brushes are whit... Read More »

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How to Clean Natural Hair Make up Brushes?

Makeup brushes can be easy to clean when you know how. Here are some different methods on cleaning them!

How to Clean Make Up Brushes With Alcohol?

Every single time you apply make up you are transferring the bacteria from your face to your make up brushes. If your brushes are not cleaned properly they can become breeding grounds for bacterial... Read More »

How to Clean Natural Hair Make-Up Brushes?

Natural hair make-up brushes can get dirty fast. Washing them every week will help cut back on the bacteria that gets transferred to your face. It doesn't take much time to wash and dry the brushes... Read More »

How to Make Paint Brushes Easier to Clean?

One of the best ways to reduce paintbrush cleaning time is to stop it from completely filling up with paint. This is done before painting.