How to Clean Lint From Inside an Electric Dryer?

Answer While the lint screen trap in an electric dryer can eliminate a significant amount of lint after each load of clothing, each cycle causes lint and dust to be blown into the dryer vent. Over time, t... Read More »

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How do I clean lint from inside an electric dryer?

The BarrelUnplug the machine. Remove the lint trap by pulling it out by the visible handle. Brush off any lint in the trap and discard it. Replace the trap. Using a vacuum with a brush attachment, ... Read More »

How do I clean the lint trap inside a clothes dryer?

Open the dryer door, and remove the lint trapping tray inside the dryer. This usually is on the bottom border of the inside dryer door frame. Empty the lint from the tray. Fill a bucket with warm w... Read More »

How do I clean dryer lint from a Kenmore dryer?

Remove the LintPull your lint screen from your Kenmore dryer out, and remove the lint every time you get ready to dry a new load. Look inside the receptacle it came out of, and remove any lint you ... Read More »

How do I clean my dryer lint trap?

A buildup of lint in your dryer's trap can lead to the reduced air circulation and efficiency during a cycle. Not only can lint build up in your dryer's system and become a fire hazard, but it will... Read More »