How to Clean Laminated Floors?

Answer Keeping laminated floors clean isn't that difficult; they just need regular attention.

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How do I take care of laminated wood floors?

Prevent and Clean SoilingPlace absorbent doormats outside entrances to gather as much outside dirt and grime as possible from shoes before they reach your laminate floor. Mop your laminate floor wi... Read More »

How do I prepare the subfloor for laminated floors?

Preparing SubfloorsRemove any bulges from the subfloor with a hammer and chisel. Hold the chisel at the base of the bulge. Hit the handle of the chisel with the hammer until the bulges are removed.... Read More »

How do I remove cat urine from laminated floors?

Soak up the urine with paper towels if the urine is fresh. Laminate flooring is non-porous, so all of the liquid will stay on top until it evaporates or is cleaned up. Clean the affected area with ... Read More »

Will Laminated Wood Floors Work in a Bathroom?

Traditional hardwood floors may add warmth and beauty to a room, but they don't usually work well in wet spaces. Natural wood shrinks and swells in contact with moisture, eventually causing it to w... Read More »