How to Clean LCD TV Screens?

Answer Make your LCD TV dirt free, and enhance clarity and contrast in these easy steps!

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How to Clean Window Screens?

Throughout the year, dirt and grime can coat your window screens. Exposure to the weather elements can leave your screens looking dingy. When you're ready to do your spring cleaning, consider washi... Read More »

How do I clean oriental screens?

DustingVacuum the screens using a brush attachment. Apply light pressure as you vacuum in a downward motion, starting at the top left of each of the screen's sections. Use a feather duster or a sof... Read More »

How do I clean canvas projection screens?

Fill a bucket with two squirts dish soap and 1/2 gallon warm water. Saturate a sponge in the soapy water, squeeze out most of the water and wipe across the canvas screen, using large side-to-side w... Read More »

How do I clean rear projection screens?

Clean with AirTurn off the television and unplug it. Use a hand vacuum or vacuum attachment to gently pick up dust from the screen. If needed, vacuum around the lenses as well. Use compressed air (... Read More »