How to Clean Kool Aid out of Carpet?

Answer Kool-Aid, tasty beverage that it is, is also amazingly good at staining things - here's how to get even the most persistent stains out of carpet.

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How do I get red Kool-Aid stains out of carpet?

Prepare Cleaning SolutionMix 1 tbsp. liquid dishwashing detergent and 2 cups warm water in a small container.Apply Cleaning SolutionApply the cleaning solution with a clean cotton cloth. Continue s... Read More »

How do I get kool aid stains out of carpet?

Place paper towels over the stain, and blot out as much of the Kool Aid as possible.Pour 1/4 cup white vinegar and 1 tbs. liquid dish soap into a spray bottle. Fill the rest of the bottle with wate... Read More »

How do I get rid of red Kool-Aid stains in carpet?

Add five drops of original Dawn dish washing liquid to 2 cups of warm water. Dip a white cloth in the solution. Cover the red stain with the flat cloth.Set your clothes iron to "low" and put it ov... Read More »

How do I remove Kool-Aid stains on carpet?

Wet Kool-Aid StainPlace a dry towel over a wet Kool-Aid stain to soak up excess liquid. Put pressure on the towel by stepping on it. Rotate the towel when the section is saturated.Glass CleanerSpra... Read More »