How to Clean Interior Concrete Floors?

Answer Cleaning interior cement floors requires some knowledge of stain removal and some time. Chemical stain removers are available for most every stain conceivable, including rust, paint, and oil. Spot ... Read More »

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How do I clean interior concrete floors?

SweepSweep the floor with a broom every two or three days, or as often as dirt and dust begin to accumulate on your concrete floors. This may need to be done more often if your concrete floors are ... Read More »

How do I paint concrete interior house floors?

Clean the floor thoroughly, using soap and a mop and bucket. Rinse all soapy residue from the floor, and allow the concrete to dry.Purchase a muriatic-acid etching kit from a paint or home-improvem... Read More »

How do I clean concrete floors?

Outdoor ConcreteDust, sweep, or vacuum to remove any debris from the concrete floor. Try rinsing the floor with your garden hose. For stained areas work with a soft non-metallic brush to try and lo... Read More »

How to Clean Concrete Floors?

A durable and versatile material, concrete remains a standard in exterior flooring and is a popular alternative to traditional interior flooring. Concrete can be smooth and plain, or it can be stam... Read More »