How to Clean Inground Pool Sand Filters?

Answer Cleaning your inground pool sand filters is done through a process called backwashing. It is necessary to backwash the sand filters periodically but doing it too often is counterproductive. Dirty s... Read More »

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How do I clean pool sand filters?

BackwashTurn off the motor in your filter's pump. Locate the control valve on the filter, and turn it to "Backwash." If you have a backwash hose, unroll it so the water runs off into a gutter. Turn... Read More »

Is sand for pool filters different than other sand?

The sand used in a pool pump filter is No. 20 silica. The sand is course and collects and traps dirt particles that are filtered out of the water. Finer sand would not work in the pool pump because... Read More »

Problems With Sand Pool Filters?

Sand filters operate by trapping dirt and debris as small as 20 microns in size. The sand inside the filter captures the dirt and releases the clean filtered water out of the pool's return jet. Occ... Read More »

How to Backflush the Swimming Pool Sand Filters?

Sand filters keep pool water sparkling clean by removing organic and inorganic debris.These unwanted particles build up in the body of the sand over time and need removal through the process known ... Read More »