How to Clean Hubcaps Without Removing Them?

Answer Hubcaps are designed to cover wheels and protect wheel components from deterioration. They are generally composed of plastic or metal for durability and longevity. However, hubcaps inevitably becom... Read More »

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How do you clean window screens without removing them?

If possible, close the inner window then if nessasary use a ladder to access the window screen from outside the house. Use a bottle of Fantastik Cleaner and set it on spray mist (steam for caked on... Read More »

How do I delete iTunes library without removing them from iPod?

its best to leave them after a certain amount of time your Ipod will require a resync to update license, if you delete the songs you may need to repurchase them.I am not entirely sure but if you ch... Read More »

I wore my contacts for 3 months without removing them.. am i going blind?

There's almost no chance you're going blind.But you will have done some damage to the eyes, and not all of it will totally recover...Misuse and overuse of contacts can cause loss of endothelial cel... Read More »

How can you clean dirty, grimy computer keyboards without ruining them Will soap & water short them out?

Use an alcohol swab or a Q-tip with alcohol on it. Turn your computer off first though. Make sure you don't use too much that it will run off the swab and into the keyboard. You can also use a to... Read More »