How to Clean Hubcaps Without Removing Them?

Answer Hubcaps are designed to cover wheels and protect wheel components from deterioration. They are generally composed of plastic or metal for durability and longevity. However, hubcaps inevitably becom... Read More »

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How to Clean Chrome Hubcaps?

Chrome hubcaps are important to keep the central hub of the car wheels safe and free of debris. In addition, many of the designs of chrome hubcaps are for decoration. Chrome keeps a shine longer th... Read More »

How do you clean window screens without removing them?

If possible, close the inner window then if nessasary use a ladder to access the window screen from outside the house. Use a bottle of Fantastik Cleaner and set it on spray mist (steam for caked on... Read More »

Clean & Clear Makeup Removing Cleanser?

Clean and Clear products are made by Johnson & Johnson. The Clean and Clear products are designed to have little or no fragrance and dyes while rinsing clean. Products in the Clean and Clear line a... Read More »

How do i clean wood floors after removing carpets?

Strip the FloorRemove any adhesive or residue using a putty knife. Scrape only with the grain of the wood and take care that you don't scratch the wood with the putty knife. Strip the floor using a... Read More »