How to Clean Hotel Mattresses?

Answer Have you just spilt a drink all over the hotel mattress that you are staying in while lounging and finishing off the mini-bar? Well then this is just right for you!

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What equipment is used for moving mattresses between hotel rooms?

When moving mattresses between hotel rooms, there are two common options. Most commonly used is a hand truck. The hand truck supports 600 pounds, and will quickly and effortlessly transport mattres... Read More »

What Are the Benefits of Cotton Mattresses, Wool Mattresses and Latex Mattresses?

When choosing a mattress you should keep various deciding factors in mind including comfort, price, size and material. Each type of mattress has its own advantages and disadvantages, meaning a sing... Read More »

How to Clean Pillow Top Mattresses?

General cleaning and maintenance of pillow top mattresses is as uncomplicated as a light coat of spray disinfectant and monthly vacuuming. Monthly vacuuming fluffs the pillow top and removes skin t... Read More »

How do I clean old mattresses& pillows?

MattressesVacuum mattresses once a month in conjunction with turning your mattresses, which extends their lives. Vacuuming will also add fluff to the pillow top. Use a carpet and upholstery cleaner... Read More »