How to Clean Hotel Mattresses?

Answer Have you just spilt a drink all over the hotel mattress that you are staying in while lounging and finishing off the mini-bar? Well then this is just right for you!

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What Are the Benefits of Cotton Mattresses, Wool Mattresses and Latex Mattresses?

When choosing a mattress you should keep various deciding factors in mind including comfort, price, size and material. Each type of mattress has its own advantages and disadvantages, meaning a sing... Read More »

What equipment is used for moving mattresses between hotel rooms?

When moving mattresses between hotel rooms, there are two common options. Most commonly used is a hand truck. The hand truck supports 600 pounds, and will quickly and effortlessly transport mattres... Read More »

How do i clean urine out of mattresses?

Absorb the LiquidBlot up the urine to absorb as much of the moisture as possible. Do not rub, as this will spread the liquid. Urine that is allowed to dry in the mattress can never be removed.Clean... Read More »

How do I clean old mattresses& pillows?

MattressesVacuum mattresses once a month in conjunction with turning your mattresses, which extends their lives. Vacuuming will also add fluff to the pillow top. Use a carpet and upholstery cleaner... Read More »