How to Clean Hollow Stemmed Glasses?

Answer Cleaning hollow stem glasses can be difficult because the human hand is not designed to fit down the stem! Here is a clever solution to the problem.

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How to Keep Your Glasses Clean?

Do you always have trouble keeping your glasses grease-free, shinny, and having that brand-new look? This article will surely help you keep them that way.

How To Clean My Glasses?

My eye doctor recommended that I clean my glasses with hand soap and wipe them dry with a white t-shirt.

How do I clean glasses?

What I do is breathe/huff on them like you would a window or mirror and wipe them with my shirt.You can buy cleansing spray and a wipe to clean them as well. Read More »

How to clean glasses?

If it's plastic lenses ... never use a paper product on em, such as tissue paper. Use a soft cloth and you'll be ok.