How to Clean Headlights with Brasso?

Answer Brasso is a metal polish, but it is not restricted to use on wheels. Brasso polish will remove fine scratches-like those found on old headlights. Over time, many vehicle headlights develop a "haze"... Read More »

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How do I clean cds with Brasso?

Apply BrassoWipe any loose debris from the compact disc (CD) using a clean, soft cloth. Apply a dab of Brasso to a clean cloth, and rub the surface of the CD. Rub from the middle of the CD to the o... Read More »

How to Clean Cymbals With Brasso?

A dirty Sabian cymbal.Are your cymbals starting to lose their shine? Or are they just plain dirty? And is the nearest music store too far away for you to go pick up some cymbal cleaner? Well, regar... Read More »

How to Clean Fog off the Headlights?

Over time, headlights become foggy because environmental pollutants and dust stick to soap residue that accumulates when you wash your car. In order to de-fog your headlights, you need to scrub the... Read More »

How often should you clean your headlights?

On One Hand: Not a Frequent NeedWhile there's no unified expert recommendation for how often you should clean off your car's headlights, a quick wipe-off once a month--or as you notice the light ou... Read More »