How to Clean Grease From a Concrete Driveway?

Answer Grease and oil spills on the driveway are notoriously difficult to remove. However, if you act quickly using the right cleaning solutions and procedures, you can remove most if not all of the oil f... Read More »

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How to Remove Motor Oil from Concrete Driveway?

Motor oil quickly seeps into the layers of the driveway, which makes removal difficult. Attacking the stain while it is fresh will produce the best results.

How to Remove Old Rust Stains From a Concrete Driveway?

Rust stains are ugly no matter where they show up. Rust is caused by water left on metal. The water corrodes the metal, forming rust. When metal objects, such as tools left on a concrete driveway, ... Read More »

How to Remove Oil Stains from Concrete Driveway and Garage?

Nothing is quite as frustrating as pulling your car out of the driveway and noticing a big oil stain right where you were parked. Not only are you looking at car repairs, you have an unsightly stai... Read More »

How to Remove Battery Acid Stains From a Concrete Driveway?

Battery acid leaves orange or darkened stains that etch the concrete's surface, changing its texture as well as its color. Removing battery acid stains is tricky. Start with the simplest, safest pr... Read More »