How to Clean Glass Shards From a Chipped Glass Pipe?

Answer Broken glass from a chipped glass pipe can leave nearly invisible pieces on your floor that may cut or hurt someone who walks on them. The glass can also be tracked throughout the house to differen... Read More »

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How do I clean glass shards from a chipped glass pipe?

PrecautionsPut on gloves, and take care while picking up and handling glass; not only is glass sharp, but it also can become embedded in your skin and later work out again. Take every precaution, e... Read More »

Can you smoke hookah tobacco on a glass pipe (glass bowl)?

not really a good idea. hookah tobacco should be used in a hookah because the hookah kind of vaporizes it with a coal separated by foil but clean the pipe with rubbing alcohol and some salt, rinse ... Read More »

How to Clean a Glass Pipe?

Have a glass pipe and want to use the resin? This will teach you a safe and effective way to clean your pipe, and still be able to smoke the resin.

How do i clean a glass pipe with alcohol?

Put the glass pipe into a larger bowl or plastic zip lock bag. Make sure there is some extra room. Pour rubbing alcohol into the container you chose and over the glass pipe. Make sure the glass pip... Read More »